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Different Types of Furniture Materials

When we are going to make a furniture manufacturer usually will offer some choice of materials, Selection of this material will always make confused and hesitant in deciding the choice. To be honest we do not understand much for all these “terms”, because it’s only the first time to know the terms used. Therefore, before we choose and determine the material used, you should first find out the meaning of these terms. Of course, there are various material options when choosing Furniture in Los Angeles. Here are some of the common types of materials used for furniture manufacturing needs.


Particle Board is a wooden board made of particles of wood residue that are glued and pressed with high pressure. Particle board is similar to MDF, but the material used for particle board is more rugged, while the material used for MDF is smoother and denser. Like MDF, finishing particle board using veneer, PVC, HPL or other laminate.


The 4cm-5cm wood beams are compacted by machine, after which they are coated so that the end result is a sheet-like a wooden board. Because it is made of wood pieces the blockboard thickness is very limited, usually, the thinnest is with a thickness of 15 mm. Blockboard is widely used in making furniture for indoors.


Teakblock is a multiplex group in which the outermost layer is teak, but inside is softwood. Teakblock only emphasizes the pattern of wood on the outer layer which usually uses a layer of teak wood. This material is composed of wood pieces wrapped in thin wood. The price is quite affordable so much recommend for use by most craftsmen. However, if not carefully selected, in the inner layer of a teak block can be found a cavity between pieces of wood so that it will weaken the reinforcement when fitted with nails.