Monthly Archives: July 2018

Things you may miss from the time before the internet exists

Remember how many friends do you have before you know the internet? Little friends, but they become your best friends, are not you? You become appreciative of friendship by appointment, meet directly and have an activity with them. Aside from that, you might also need to take a look at the recommended internet rural service, if it’s hard for you to get the internet access in the remote regions.

Thanks to the internet add friends very easily. You just need to press the plus button as a friend on Facebook or follow his Twitter account, then you become friends with ‘people’ you do not know before. But have you ever interacted directly with the many people you added or followed?

Do you not like someone? Speaking directly is more polite.

Differences with friends are common, and you can solve them directly by talking to your friends without having to involve others. But now? The Internet brings freedom of expression to different levels.

Disliking something or someone? Post it on social media, then let everyone know you do not like someone. For what is it done? Impolite. Where do you like such courtesies since there is internet?

Phonebook and Yellow Pages

Given that old cell phones were only able to store a few contacts, the phonebook was very useful. Need a phone number can check the phone book or Yellow Pages. But now all the important numbers can be checked and all on Google. How are the publishers of Yellow Pages?