Differences Between Lingerie and Underwear

Underwear and lingerie. Many people equate the meaning of both. In fact, underwear and lingerie are two different clothing, though have in common. Actually, lingerie and underwear are equally part of fashion.A lingerie is part of underwear. Instead, not all underwear is lingerie. Lingerie and underwear are both used in clothing so it is invisible. Both variants are used to keep you comfortable. Visit our website to get sexy lingerie lace.

Literally, underwear is a layer of apparel that is used straight adjacent to the skin. This underwear has some purposes, which is keeping their outer garments clean of oil and sweat. The term of underwear generally refers to leather upholstery for men and women. This means there is underwear for men and women. Some examples of underwear, for example, underwear, bra, boxer, bikini, brief (men’s underpants), singlet jerseys, thong, and others.

Slightly different from underwear, lingerie is an underwear that is used not directly adjacent to the skin. Lingerie is usually only used for women. Originating from French, lingerie means underwear. However, in English-speaking countries, lingerie is associated with a more attractive and sensual outfit. The model also varied and more fashionable than underwear. Lingerie is usually designed with a short dress spaghetti to strap transparent to show the underwear. Lace and silk materials usually become a material lingerie maker. Clothing is also designed with a provocative style for the opposite sex.

If underwear is used to protect the sex organs, lingerie is used to tease the opposite sex. Lingerie is not used for convenience reasons but selected the most seductive and sexy. The more sexy lingerie model is, then the men will be more interested. Not only from fashion alone, lingerie is usually equipped with other accessories. For example, lingerie strap, thin stockings, corsets and more. The more complicated and interesting the form of lingerie that women use, then the partner will be more interested. No wonder that lingerie is used as a way to stimulate men.