Effectively and Efficiently Packing for Moving

Empty the room to pack in your home right now. Make sure you have a large empty room, which you can use to pull and shift your stuff and pack it. This room is the room where you do the process of packing. Keep boxes, moving supplies, pens, duct tape, and labels. When you pack and seal the box, write the number, the room label, and the contents of the box on the box. That way, if you have a number of boxes, you will know which box is missing, also tell the amount of stuff you have to bellevue movers.

Wrap each item properly, and wrap it in wrapping paper, old clothes or bubble wrap. Place heavy objects at the bottom of the box, and light objects at the top of the box. Put in as many things as possible in a box to minimize the number of boxes. Pack heavy things such as toys and books in small boxes.