Maintenance Notice - May.12


Hi, Badlanders!

Based on the player comments and existing battlefield data collected so far, the dev team has fixed some bugs and updated the game content to provide a better gaming experience. Thank you for your active participation in this test of Badlanders and your valuable feedback.

The following are the update details:


[Map Mode Adjustment]
1. Original [Shelter - Normal/Professional/Specialist] will be merged to [Shelter] after the update, and first-person match will be available in all servers.
2. After the update, the entry CE limit of [Shelter] and [Red Beach Foundation] and the open time limit of different servers will be removed.
3. Single player match will be available in [Red Beach Foundation] after the update.
4. All pattern-related battle data will be reset after this update.


[Shelter Mode Adjustment]
1.The opening rules and time of escape points in [Shelter] will be adjusted, and a part of random evacuation points will be added.
2.[Shelter] added a new delay to show the escape point, which will be shown as "-???-" at the beginning of the game, The specific name will be displayed when the escape point is about to open.
(Tips: there will be some reminders around the deferred display escape point in each game.)


[Ops Manual] 
1.Level-up awards, training tasks and Level-up experience in the [Ops Manual] will be reset and modified after this update.
2.After the reset, your combat level will remain unchanged, but all the non expendable item awards obtained will be recovered. The player can receive the upgrade award again in the [Ops Manual], and complete the completed training tasks of each level (except for the recharge task).


[Special Mastery]
After this update, the existing "Firearm Mastery" and "Character Mastery" systems will be iterated and merged into a new "Special Mastery". You can view this function on the "Profile" page. This iteration mainly includes the following adjustments:
1.After the update, the original "Firearm Mastery" page will be closed, and all the Firearm Mastery bonus and other mastery effects will be removed.
2.After the update, you can obtain new Mastery items [Character Voucher] and [Firearm Voucher] from the level award and task award of "Ops Manual".
3.By consuming [Character Voucher] and [Firearm Voucher], the effect level of "Character Mastery" and "Firearm Mastery" can be improved in the new "Special Mastery" page.


[Equipment and Items Adjustment]
1.The updated basic capacity of the original [Backpack] and [Tactical Backpack] will be adjusted from 20 and 26 spaces to 17 and 23 spaces.
2.[Specialist Equipment Box] and [High-End Equipment Box] in the mall will be removed from the shelves and no longer be sold.


[Simulator Restrictions]
Currently, the abuse of third-party cheating programs in emulators has harmed the gaming experience. To create a better gaming environment, the logins from emulators will be banned after this update.
For the players who previously used an emulator with a guest account, please bind it with an online account in the login interface in time. All accounts that have been bound can still log in to the game through the Android mobile client.
At the present stage, we are working hard to make a Steam version of the game. After the official launch of the Steam version, we will also provide a way to transfer mobile accounts to PC clients, so that everyone can have a fairer and more convenient PC gaming environment.


[Workshop Adjustment]
1.The manufacturing formula of some items was adjusted and the [Reinforce] manufacturing function was turned off.
2.Adjusted the unlocking demand of some equipment manufacturing, and increased the function of direct unlocking in the Workshop through cash.


[Store Adjustment]
1.Adjusted the items refresh library and classification refresh rules of [Prism Heavy Industry].
2.Adjusted the content and partial selling price of items sold in the [Exchange].


1.The effect of [Frontal Conflict] is adjusted and increased the reduction ratio of hip-fire, scattered and horizontal recoil from 20% to 30%.
2.The recycling price of some items sold to the Store is adjusted.
3.The part of the interface interaction and display effect in the game.


1. Forbid using teammates' equipment as materials at [Workshop].
2. Enable viewing Achievements medal at other players info.
3. Overlapping display of escape point information in some cases.
4. Abnormal player perspective near the Throwings.