Maintenance Notice - Jun. 23


Hi, Badlanders!

Thank you for your active participation in this test of Badlanders and your valuable feedback.

Based on the player comments and existing battlefield data collected so far, the dev team has fixed some bugs and updated the game content to provide a better gaming experience.

The following are the update details:


[Auction Adjustment]

After this update, all items that are used  will no longer be allowed to be listed on the Auction until are repaired as new,  items already are listed will not be affected.


[New Skin]

1. After the update, the Store will list the new skin [Skyrift] and [Red Flash suit].

2. After the update, the Store will list [Graffiti Cap], [Sport Hoodie] and [First Aid Backpack].

3. After the update, the Outfit and Firearms camouflage in the Store will be able to purchase 7-day and 30-day experience cards.



1. Reduce the amount of handling fee required when listing the [Baton] on the Auction.

2. Add the prompt for the countdown to close the shooting range.

3. The stacking number of 12.7 and 12 mm ammos in the battlefield.

4. Increased the number of daily refreshes of "Prism Heavy Industries", and opened up [Restock Card] exchanges in the Redeem.

5. Adjusted the recycling price of [Baton] and [Cast Iron Key] when the durability or the number of uses is insufficient.

6. The sound of the Special Mastery page.

7. The sky box of the Shelter at night.

8. Some interface interaction and display effects in the game.



1.The problem that the character model is abnormal when using the "Glitch escape" function in the FPP.

2.The problem that medicines may not be available after using the "First-Aid Capsule" to successfully self-rescue when the network environment is poor.

3. The problem that when the network environment is poor, quickly switching the firearm may cause the aim button abnormal, and the firearm cannot be switched afterwards.

4. The problem that fast switching of battlefield mode may cause the actual battlefield mode to be inconsistent with the displayed battlefield mode when the network environment is poor.

5. The problem that the ventilation ducts in and out of the Red Beach Foundation may be stuck and cannot be moved.

6. The problem that using the "Glitch escape" function in the Knocked-down state would cause the character to become standing.

7. The problem that using the "Glitch escape" function in the ADS state would cause the aim button fail to click.