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Tools and Components in Softball Games

All the sports games need equipment and equipment. Infrastructure and facilities are needed for the game can run well and smoothly, not least in the softball game. Well, here are some tools and equipment required in the softball game!

1. Softball game field
The field is one of the compulsory media that must be fulfilled in playing softball. For the shape and size of the field is not only the origin but already set in association or a body that overshadow softball game. Please check here for official size softball field and its picture.

2. Home plate
In the softball game, there is a place to stop or stop. Here are the shape and appearance. Base to 1 to 2 and 3 is square and made of rubber.

3. Baseball ball
Softball using a yellow ball with red grip yarn meanwhile previously is white with white grip.

4. Thanker bat
Make sure that the softball players are using best slowpitch softball bats. The terms of use and the characteristics of bat that may be used are contained in the rules of the International Softball Federation.

5. Helm ball hitters
The name of the helmet must be used to protect the head. In the softball game also uses a helmet to protect the head of a bat from the brunt of the ball, the stick and even the bang. Helm is designed to play softball.

6. Protective gear
Protective clothing is used to catch the ball because the risk of getting the ball is very high. Protective clothing is also often called the body protector.

8. Gloves
Gloves or gloves are worn by all defenders to catch the ball, while first basement and ball catcher wear mitt (glove has finger while no mitt).

10. Shoe Pool (Cleats)
All players are required to wear shoes. Shoes that are considered legitimate are made of canvas, smooth leather and the like. The soles may be flat or carved from rubber. Metal soles and heel plates may also be used, as long as the protruding spikes are no longer than 2 cm (1/4 inch). The spike metal spike is considered invalid because it may endanger the safety of himself and other players.