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The Use of Internet

Today the internet is not something new or foreign to us. The Internet has a lot of uses. For that, you can visit https://www.mangoesky.com/home and get internet network even if you are in village or remote area.

1. Obtaining information. The Internet is very wide, there we will get various kinds of information such as the world of politics, sports, education, and much more other information.

2. Trading transactions. Now, there are many online stores on the internet. There we can do the transaction of buying and selling goods. Goods are sold also vary according to our needs.

3. Send a letter via e-mail. On the internet, there is also e-mail facility (electronic mail). We can send e-mails to friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. Using it is very easy, just by typing the e-mail address to the person we are going to and writing the message, then click send, then the message will reach the recipient in just minutes or even just seconds.

4. Chat. Through e-mail we can chat without face to face with the person we are chatting with. just by typing in our chats.

5. Discuss. On the internet, we can also discuss through forums. Can discuss education, politics, and others.