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How to Measure the Effectiveness of Call Center Performance?

There are reports of telephone systems, scheduling systems, voice response systems and other technological devices. There are also productivity statistics, quality monitoring measures, sales reports, customer satisfaction surveys and so on. The making of this volume-mounted report may have spent so much of your time and resources, often without a clear purpose. Therefore, it would be better if you use the services of 1800 Numbers to facilitate your analysis. Apart from that, here are 3 ways to effectively measure Call Center performance!

1. Setting Goals
Focus on three to five measurements that truly reflect the success of your Call Center. For example, if your Call Center aims to make money, you may simply monitor its abandon rate, service level, and sales volume. If you manage help desk or technical support, you may be more concerned with “done in one” completion issues and customer satisfaction. Once the measurements are obtained, determine what is important for Call Center, your business, and customer goals.

2. How to Measure it?
You cannot rely on industry standards because the industry standard does not exist. Knowing what a competitor’s Call Center does is useful, like what they succeed or fail to apply, and what lessons they learn. Several benchmarking studies are available to help you know what other Call Center measurements are and how they do it. In addition, the key to good measurement is consistency. Review business policies and procedures to guide the handling of contacts, processes and related measurements, to ensure that all parties work in the same way. So, the standard call handling procedure is very important. How you measure is as important as what you measure. Measure by standard means, and maintain consistency across processes and procedures.

3. Implementation of measurement
Measurement itself is not a goal, but rather an indication of how your business works. By analyzing measurements that reflect your company’s business goals carefully, you can know a lot about how your call center works. When the measurement begins, the data starts flowing in. So that you have no trouble, organize the data into a format that is easy to understand and use. Forms such as bar graphs, pie charts, and comparative matrices are more easily understood and processed than standard system-generated reports.