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Referee Rules in Futsal

Referees in every sporting game have such an important role in organizing and controlling the course of the game in a tournament or competition. You can imagine if an official match without the presence of the referee what will happen, of course, the situation will be noisy and irregular. The referee has the duties and responsibilities and powers to be performed in a match. In the futsal sports game referees also have an important role as well as in other matches but there are some differences. A referee also needs to know the latest developments if there is a change in the rules of the game or the latest futsal refereeing rules in the international world. One of the important thing in futsal is, of course, the ball. Visit our website to see the best futsal ball review.

So what are the latest futsal referees rules that have the duty and authority in every game?

In futsal sports, there are several referees involved in the game in a competition, such as Main referee, The 2nd referee, The 3rd referee, and The timer keeper. All have their respective duties and powers, both when the game takes place, before and after the game.

In a match futsal game led by 2 referees namely the main referee and second referee in which both have full authority in enforcing the rules of the game.

– Leads a match with an assistant referee where it can be assigned
– Record everything that happened in the field during the game
– Stops the game if it is due to any external interference
– Stops the game for any game violation
– Stopping the game if there are players who are seriously injured and ensured that they have been taken off the field and may return if the game has started again.
– Take disciplinary action against players who are guilty of committing offenses, either in the form of reprimands, warnings or exit from the playing field. This action does not have to be done immediately but it does when the ball is out of the game.
– Submit a match report to the competent authority regarding disciplinary violations of players, officials and all other incidents that occurred during the game, before and after the game.

The second referee’s task on futsal is appointed to run the opposite field side of the referee’s main position. The authorities include:

– Have the power to stop the game on any rule violation.
– Ensure that in turn the player is done well.
– The second referee is allowed to use the whistle to assist the main referee in overseeing the match in accordance with the rules of the match.