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What Is a Pitcher in Softball?

The ball in the softball game is called a pitcher. The game begins when umpire shouts the word “Play Ball”. After the defender entered the area, the match began. A pitcher stands on the plate, facing the catcher. Pitchers will try to throw the ball as hard as possible towards the mitts catcher. To hit the ball from the pitcher, you need a good bat. Find it by visiting softball bats 4u.

The position of the throwing ball has a special area called the strike zone (strike zone), which is above the home plate. Strike zone is the position of the ball in the battering area, the height of the ball between the shoulder and the knee of the batter. At the time of throwing, the pitcher will try to make a strike ball, so batter difficulty hitting the ball, even though the ball is in the zone hit. The challenge of a pitcher is to throw at high speed and with the right target. If the ball is in the strike zone but not hit by the batter, then umpire will shout “strike”. However, if the ball comes out of the strike zone, but the batter does not try to hit the ball then umpire will shout “ball”.