Use the screwdriver if your door lock gets jammed

How to repair the door lock the first jam home is to use a screwdriver. Knocking on a keyhole using a screwdriver is a simple and simple keylock technique you can try. Knocking a keyhole at least takes practice. However, if you don’t like to mess with the lock mechanism of your door, the locksmith service can help you.

If your home door lock system is not very good quality, it can damage your door. So before using this method you should think in advance the positive and negative sides ya buddy so you do not regret later if things you do not want to happen on the door of your house.

You can perform a matching process on the screwdriver to the inside of the keyhole up to the very last pin. The house and also the pin on the keyhole is actually made of bulge material that can easily spin until the whole part is lined up and no longer can block all of its movements. When it clicks, then you can continue to push the screwdriver until it is sure there is only one pin and it really has not been lifted.

Press and rotate the screwdriver. Use a small rubber hammer or similar object that works the same, hit the key hard and then rotate. Because the pin in the key house usually consists of two parts. The purpose of this slamming motion is to move the pressure to the bottom and then move it to the top. If all pins have been lifted, then automatically the lock will be played later.